The flu is alive and well in Muleshoe, just like everywhere else, and even though it benched some Mules, the healthy ones persevered and won their first district game with Floydada; the score-46-14. Alas, we committed the two-percenter sin (for those of you not steeped in Aggie lore, two-percenters are those slackers who don’t support their team 100 percent; we don’t commit that sin very often) and did not travel the two hours to Floydada to cheer them on, but it doesn’t look like they missed us. The problem is, though, that I can’t very well comment on the game, not having been there. We listened on the radio, but I was in and out of the room too much to really follow the dynamics of the game. Well, I could make something up, but I’m not that good at fiction.

That makes it 21 straight wins for the Mules. Next week Tulia comes to town for our homecoming.