Well, rats. Tulia forfeited the game scheduled  for tonight (October 16th), so I have no exciting game to tell about. Seems they lost kids to injury, sickness, perhaps some low grades, and I don’t know what else, and they had to cancel. This was to be our homecoming, too, with a pregame meal, homecoming queen election, mums, the whole bit. But, as Coach Wood philosophically noted, it was one of those things over which we have no control, so just make another mark in the win column and prepare for the next game.
So the Mules now stand at 22-0, even though I fear it will forever have an asterisk beside it, either literally or unconsciously. But, hey, it was Tulia’s choice, not ours.
And just so you know for future plans, the pregame meal will now be before the first home district basketball game on December 8th, and homecoming has been moved to October 30th against Dimmitt.
Next Friday the Mules travel the scenic route to Childress (whoever sets up the districts doesn’t know how to read a map-Childress is about three hours away) and we’ll see what happens then.