Tonight the Mules increased their winning streak to 20 by beating Borger 52-26. A little cold front hit about five minutes before kick-off and frustration set in for Borger after kick-off when they fumbled, we recovered, and  it was downhill from there. To Borger’s credit, they didn’t quit, but couldn’t buy a break, and by the end of the third quarter I overheard the comment that if they had been shooting toes, they wouldn’t have any left. Because that’s about all they did- shoot themselves in the foot – and the Mules made the most of it each time. Which is not to say we didn’t make some mistakes as well, but most of our mistakes the coaches adjusted during half time, leading to the Mules scoring 21 points in five minutes during the third quarter. And that’s when the frustration really set in for Borger. On one play Borger was assessed a 30-yard penalty for a face mask violation and holding; it was that kind of night. The Mules dropped to their knees the last play of the game and let the clock run out, the victory play, I believe it is called, and the rest, of course, is history.

Next week the Mules are open before starting district play against Floydada on October 9th in Floydada.
Go Mules!